Saturday, January 13, 2007

Better Late Than Never

So, I was tagged, and Jenn beat me to it, but I haven't forgotten. I've just been taking my time ;) I now present to you six weird things about me related to graduate school or collegiate student services.

1. I can't Study -- Despite my continuing education, and the fact that I cannot foresee any point in the future where I will not be in/at a university, I cannot study. I can do my homework and absorb material throughout the semester. I can memorize a specific diagram, chart, or factoid if I know that it will be on the test, but I cannot study in general (especially cram) before a test. The more I study, the more I convince myself I don't know, and the more stressed I become. I loose sleep and I panic. By the time I get to the test I've spent so much time scolding myself for not already knowing the information, that I've convinced myself that I don't know any of it, and the test becomes overwhelming.

2. That makes me the opposite of Mike -- Mike crams... not only does Mike cram, he crams out loud. Normally this wouldn't matter too much, but we somehow thought it would be a fantastic idea if we both took the same graduate program at the same time. In true newly wed bliss we share everything including textbooks. So, at the last possible moment before the test, I need to relax, breathe, clear my mind and be calm. What I end up getting is Mike talking to himself about the chapter and driving me just a little nuts. All in all it has definitely been a bonding experience.

3. I've become very domestic in grad school -- Maybe it has something to do with getting married. Maybe it has something to do with how unhealthy I was during my thesis. Maybe it is just because I like the routine, but I've become quite the cook. I get off of work at 4:30 come home and cook dinner for us almost every night. I take leftovers to eat at work most days and I'm having fun doing it. I've eaten better in the past few months than probably my entire undergraduate experience.

4. I don't get to look like a student -- There is a stereotypical image that portrays college student. While yours may vary a bit, it usually includes battered blue jeans, worn sneakers, slightly disheveled hair, and a bulging backpack. Despite my love for bluejeans and sneakers, I have sacrificed that look. The CSPA program at UCA allows us to start working with our peers and within our field right away. In order to help mold us into professionals, and to allow the rest of the field to see us as professionals, we are required to wear business casual for classes and meetings.

5. I haven't found my talent -- Often by the time a student has picked their major, they've discovered their talents and their passions and decided what they want to be when they grow up. I haven't done that yet. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. With one full degree and 25% of the second that might not be the best thing. My current plan of action is to keep studying the things that interest me and hopefully soon a discovery will be made.

6. I am debt free! -- This is probably the cruelest to brag about but I currently am and at the end of my master's degree I will be debt free. My husband will also be debt free at the end of his master's degree. We owe it all to UCA and the Honors College. I hate the thought of students starting life in the 'real world' with debt. It is not a sign of responsibility or sacrifice. It is a sign of poor societal priorities.